Freon FAQs

There are many questions about Freon and its use in air conditioning systems. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions from the
Metroplex area.

Why Has the Cost of Freon Skyrocketed?Freon Tank

The EPA issued a mandate that the commonly used refrigerant R22 would be phased out due to environmental concerns about ozone depletion. The demand for R22 still exists while the supply continues to be depleted.

What Do Systems Use Instead of Freon?

Newer air conditioners are sold with the recognized replacement known as R410a. There are other less costly alternatives to R22 called replacement refrigerants. They are reliable and your air conditioning unit will continue to operate normally. Ask us how we can make that happen for you.

What Is the Current Price of R22?

The wholesale prices for R22 refrigerant have literally doubled. From this point on, the prices of R22 refrigerant will be very volatile as the manufacturers scramble to meet the mandated reductions and as the raw materials become less available. This volatile pricing will continue to have a significant upward trend.